Annie Seel Invitational & Camitz Sparkling Vodka.

Annie Seel, motorcycle champion in the 2010 Dakarrally, hosted a womens only gocart race in Stockholm supported by the Royal Swedish Automobile Club and Camitz Sparkling Vodka. Over 50 participants were having a very entertaining evening, finding out what a tough sport driving really is. The number of Swedish women practising motor-sports is climbing but should be improved says Annie and she is already planning many more events to come in order to increase and raise support and interest.


Annie Seel, motorcycle champion in the 2010 Dakarrally was driving for team Camitz.


The Womens Only Gocart invitation.


More members of Team Camitz: Karin Kaibel, Alexandra Rydholm and Annika Stardell.

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