Camitz Sparkling Vodka at INTERNORGA.

INTERNORGA is the leading trade-show focused on quality, convenience, naturalness and the feelgood factor for catering and food-service at the Hamburg fair-site. Camitz Sparkling Vodka was presented by wellknown importer Sierra Madre and displayed where most people go to check the hot news. Guido Klaumann, Sierra Madre Managing Director, personally introduced Camitz to the visitors. “Camitz Sparkling Vodka is sparkling news. People love it and the presentation is spectacular”, he says and continues ; “The food industry presented a range of ever higher-quality, ever more sophisticated products available for the professionals. The appeal of these products included not only quality, freshness and enjoyment, but increasingly also authentic origin, naturalness and sustainability, the Camitz Sparkling Vodka concept fits perfectly into this”.


The Camitz Sparkling Vodka display at INTERNORGA.

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