Camitz Sparkling Vodka Bulgarian Master-Class.

Camitz Sparkling Vodka invited some of the 25 best bartenders in Sofia for a mixology master-class hosted by Sitex and co-founder Mattias Lindberger in the Radisson Blu Hotel bar. The event included vodka tastings and many examples of how to mix the most amazing Sparkling Vodka coctails and shots. The master-class ended with a competition between the bartenders of how to come up with the best personal Camitz Sparkling Vodka recipe and the results became very creative, beautiful and tasty indeed. The evening continued at Marseille Bar & Dinner where Toni Lans underwear, Morellato jewellery and Camitz Sparkling Vodka was showcased, attracting many celebrity guests and a massive media-attention.


Camitz Sparkling Vodka / Afterchock shots with a nice twist.


Zari, bartender at Bedroom, checking out a Dry Camitz Sparkling Vodka Martini.


It´s not easy picking a winner having many great choices.


Angel, bartender at Eclipse, came up with one of the winning recipes.


Good looks and good taste goes hand in hand.


Models from FH1 model agency and Mattias Lindberger, Co-Founder of Camitz Sparkling Vodka.

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