Camitz Sparkling Vodka / Ping Greensome

It became one of those beautiful late summer days when the traditional Camitz Sparkling Vodka / Ping Greensome was played at Svartinge Golf Club, Stockholm. The by invitation 36 teams were challenged by a golf-course in perfect shape with fast and tricky greens but more importantly entertained by the Camitz Sparkling Vodka golf-cart offering those who missed the fairway comfort and a chance to improve the putting… Why bother playing this great game if not having fun?


The prize-table contained many great awards from Camitz Sparkling Vodka and Ping.


Hole 17, par 3 at Svartinge Golf Club, Swedens only private members club.


The winning team, Per Löfgren and Joachim Stackelberg managed to score 68 gross (4 under par) giving a net score of 64.2, well done indeed!

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