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Camitz Sparkling Vodka, now in Bulgaria.

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Bulgarians love to have fun! So naturally Camitz Sparkling Vodka is now available in some 40 selected bars, restaurants and shops throghout the country supported by the distribution company Sitex. Good news for a people who really know what entertainment means!


Bobi (left) and Niki (right), brilliant bartenders at Casa de Cuba Plovdiv, with Mattias Lindberger CMO & Co-Founder of Camitz Sparkling Vodka.


The Camitz Sparkling Vodka / Aftershock / Red Bull shot combo at Casa de Cuba.


The Camitz Sparkling Vodka display at VOG, exclusive night-club in Plovdiv.


Camitz Sparkling Mojitos at Privee, Sofia.


Stanimir at Planet Bar de Luxe serves any Camitz Sparkling Vodka cocktail on request.


Famozo is a great night-club in Plovdiv, Camitz Sparkling Vodka is a great table service, Bulgarians really love to have fun!