The UK is Sparkling!

The number of establishments in the UK listing Camitz Sparkling Vodka are continuously increasing and the number of Sparkling Vodka Cocktails in the menus showing that people really do prefer their Martini Sparkling rather than flat…


Jonatan Padilla and Holger George,bartenders at mixologist award-winning Kosmopol are wearing Camitz Sparkling Vodka branded waistcoats.


Marco Corimbi,bar-manager at Arch One topping his signature Passionfruit Martini with Camitz Sparkling Vodka.


The Arch One bottle menu makes a big difference between vodka and Sparkling Vodka.


The Winchester always run weekly specials with Camitz Sparkling Vodka.


Where there is Camitz Sparkling Vodka table-service at Maddox is where the party is!

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