Camitz Sparkling Vodka Launch at The Tiger, Helsinki.

Camitz Sparkling Vodka is now available at selected bars, restaurants and clubs in Finland. This was celebrated with a massive launch-party at The Tiger, famous roof-top multilevel VIP-sectioned night-club in Helsinki. The guests could enjoy a variety of Sparkling Vodka shots under the theme “vodka like you never tasted it before” and at the sold out already reserved tables, bottles were popping and corks were flying as it became an evening full of smiles…


The Tiger bartenders wearing their new branded shirts.


The Tiger shot-bar.


The Kespro table (distributing Camitz Sparkling Vodka in Finland), Tuula Leino, Jussi Vuoria, Juha-Pekka Partanen and Tero Karhu.


Mila Heinonen and Kukka Lehto were enjoying Camitz Sparkling Vodka cocktails in the VIP section.

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