Nobel Night Cap 2008

The Nobel Prize Party, always hosted in Stockholm the 10th of December each year, is by tradition followed by the afterparty Nobel Night Cap. This year hosted by KTH and arranged in the most impressive way, 1200 guests attended including all the Nobel Prize winners and the Swedish Royal Family. This is the second time Camitz Sparkling Vodka have the honour of treating the guests at this event and in the submarine theme designed lounge and bar, straight Sparkling Shots and Sparkling Vodka Champagne Cocktails could be enjoyed with oysters. The party went on until 5 in the morning…


Rey Carlson, Alexandra Rydholm and Magnus Wennerberg representing Camitz Sparkling Vodka.


Freshly opened oysters goes very well with Camitz Sparkling Vodka.



The guests had for their entertainment a choice of 18 lounges with a theme.

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