VIP Camitz bottle service at Charlotte Ultra Lounge

Quebec City´s most exclusive and No 1 night club Charlotte Ultra Lounge now offers their VIP:s Camitz bottle service. This uniquely designed high-end establishment is located on the top floor of “The House Of Pleasure” including the star chef restaurant Woodo Lounge and Chez Maurice, night club on the second floor. Mick Jagger, Madonna and Justin Timberlake have all been celebrated guests at Charlotte Ultra Lounge, this is where the party´s always are!


Philippe, bar manager, preparing the Camitz bottle service. This time as a C+C, Camitz and Champagne, of course only using the best brands in the market.


A true “C+C Moment” at Charlotte Ultra Lounge, including the Quebec Camitz Brand Ambassador Annie-Claude Gaudreau.


Camitz Sparkling Cocktails are also avaiable in the bar. Judi, bartender, gives the final touch.

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